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In 60 years

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Do not test Reza Aslan.

We must train and retain our ability to listen and process critically.

Nobody told me that @RezaAslan knew how to read.

(Not read as in books, but read as in reveal your scalp to the world.)

Because homie read Bill Maher, Don Lemon, Alisyn Camerota, Benjamin Netanyahu, and just about everyone else for points.

Hair all over the damn floor like it was a barbershop and nobody had a broom.

He got ALL his kee-kee’s in.


Transcription available here:



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It’s okay, I’m not going anyway
I’m here, only by your side

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o my fucking lord

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halloween is soon 

its transparent

Drag it now
Or on mobile tap it

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Two Spectacular Photographs of a Volcanic Eruption as Seen from Space by Endeavour

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2002 vs 2014

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